Orpheus in the Underworld

by Simon Oats

Presented by Chester Creative

Saturday June 1st

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What have you done for love? 

What are your memories of trying to hold onto the one you truly love? The one you felt was completely, uniquely, yours. Can you even bring yourself to tell the stories of how it felt when you woke at two in the morning, only to be reminded by the stark, still night - you are alone?  What did you do for that lost love?

Orpheus in the Underworld is a contemporary take on the great Ancient Greek tale that still resonates today. Themes of overwhelming love, unnerving lust and deep loss transported to stage from an era of storytellers and mythical creatures. Through songs and story, the magic is woven with raw human experience in a way that places the audience shoulder to shoulder with Orpheus on his trial. Meet a horny goat-man, a hip-hopping ferryman and a three-headed death-metal dog.  

What happens during this journey into the depths of the Underworld? Almost unexpectedly, the audience find themselves transported along their own heart lines. Travelling the path with Orpheus, pondering the reasons, examining their responses, never taking their eyes off the man in front of them.

This is a one-man show written and performed by Simon Oats, recently on tour with Michael Veitch in their two-hander Mystery in the Air. Simon's unique telling is through original songs that lean into gypsy jazz, rock, funk, and heart-rending ballads, morphing effortlessly between narrator and characters, song and spoken word.

Existing in the immediacy and intimacy of true storytelling, this piece has fans that include a Hell's Angel through to a Pulitzer prize winner. Critical ac­claim is abundant and reminds us that a good story is a unifying and timeless gem. 

In an age when, more than ever, we need to see where we all connect, this is the perfect vehicle.

And so we'll ask you again ... what have you done for love?  

"Every now and then you see a show that stays with you long after the final curtain, still percolating in your mind as you turn off the light and go to sleep. Simon Oats' one-man show Orpheus ... is one of these." - Heidi McDermott, Australian Stage

Written By      Simon Oats

Composed By Simon Oats

Directed By    Peter Houghton