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Original Music Festival

Saturday February 9th 2019

 Singer Songwriters Stratford are running their first original Music Festival.  Open mic stage, will run all day at the of The Stratford Courthouse. Recording, Ukulele, Sound Dynamics, Instrument Maintenance  (guitars), Tunes Sessions and Circle Jam workshops, kids old school games running all day.  Then at night will be a collaboration of the finest Songwriters from Gippsland.


Adult $25.00 - Family Ticket 2 Adults 2 Children under 16 $50.00 - *Performers $25 - Child U16 $15

*Performers will be refunded $10 as they come off stage on the day

EVENING CONCERT all Tickets $20

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Ukulele Workshop  - Julie Bradley - 10am

Julie’s workshop will move beyond strumming the uke and introduce you to a lovely fingerpicking pattern and a simple riff to compliment a couple of great tunes. We will also have a go at exploring some different strum patterns.

This workshop is for those who know some basic chords and want to add a little more color to their ukulele playing.  


Home Recording - Greg Laws - 10am & 1pm

Greg will utilize the fact that almost everyone carries around a complete studio in their smart phone. You will look at recording on your phone, and what can be done to improve it.

Beyond basic recording techniques, Greg will look at how to use an audio editing program (free download) and cover basic editing, normalisation, equalisation, reverb, delay, compression/limiting, and then produce a copy that sounds good.

Greg also looks at what lies beyond smart phones, with dedicated recording devices and programs, microphones, headphones, monitors and computers.


 Sound Dynamics  - Mark McCord - 10am

A demonstration and group discussions on aspects of musical production such as catchy instrument phrases, basslines, frequency changes, and vocals over melodies in songs.  In particular the use of space and silence as the key to delineate and highlight these elements.


Youth Mentoring - Tina Bartle - 11.30am

Tina is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at RMIT, Tina will discuss and offer suggestions to assist youth entering the world of performing arts i.e songwriting, recording, gigs, studying music and uni.


Tunes Session - 11.30am

This centuries old tradition focuses on instrumental tunes played by ear.  There will be toe-tapping, hand- clapping Irish jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and the like, along with a song or two.  This informal gathering will be led by experienced players.  All welcome.  Bring your guitar, fiddle, flute, etc. and join in.


Stringed Instrument Maintenance Adam Kesper - 11.30am

This workshop will run you through basic troubleshooting with your instrument, a focus on the basics of restringing as well as general problem solving, maintenance and setup.   Adam will guide you through what instrument is right for you and the ways in which you can gain an understanding of the way stringed instruments work and why there are a set of common symptoms that can affect their playability.


Carpark - 1pm Circle Jam

A workshop designed by songwriters for songwriters to run their songs past other muso’s in a relaxed and organized setting with others of different genres and instrumentation with an outcome of having a new unique version of your song. Jam will be recorded.

Outdoor Stage - 10 -4pm

Performers,  get your name on the blackboard to play. Starts at 10am  Sit back, enjoy the music, eat food,  treat yourself to special offers from local eateries; Segue Cafe, Raw Country, Badger and Hare, Stratford Pizza Takeaway, Wadelock, Stratford Innovation Cuisine.  Courthouse Theatre Bar open.

Night Concert in the Theatre 7-10pm

 A collaboration  from some  unique songwriters in Gippsland. (separate ticket required)

Kids activities – Sharon Jones

Old school kids games.  Fun for the whole family with FREE KIDS ACTIVITIES to keep them entertained! Make a home made instrument to play in the kids talent show.