From the company that brought us the award winning show "A Prudent Man" in 2017 we present:


25th May at 7.30pm

Produced by Lab Kelpie - Toured by Regional Arts Victoria

There are No meals available for this performance - the cafe and bar will be open for drinks and snacks from 7pm


 image - Sarah Walker

image - Sarah Walker

Ostensibly an “asylum seeker story”, but told by a young white Australian man, it asks the audience to imagine “what if…?” – Elegy is theatre that packs a real punch as it explores the unimaginable homophobia still occurring in “post-liberation” Iraq, and the horrific realities imposed on any minority group faced with no choice but to flee.

“Essential viewing.”  ★★★★★ Time Out UK      ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

Some stories are more powerful than others. He’s worried his isn’t powerful enough.


A young man sits alone on stage. He looks like us. He sounds like us. Yet he asks us to join him on an unimaginably alien journey into his recent past.


"I had arrived. It was so bitterly cold that I thought I'd never be warm again. They ask me why I left my country - for dates, times, reasons... but it's buried. They say I’m telling lies but that's not what I am doing."


Told from the perspective of one who got away, his is a moving and extraordinary story of love, loss and exile; a journey through a no-man's-land of empty train stations, border crossings and bomb-blasted towns.


And… it is all true.


Both an intimate character study and an edge-of-your-seat thriller, Elegy fuses precision performance, an affecting soundscape and visual poetry to lure us into a playful, theatrical, humorous and personal world.


Elegy is directed by John Kachoyan (Bell Shakespeare, Red Stitch Actors Theatre). It is written by Douglas Rintoul, based on interviews with LGBT refugees across the world, and inspired by the work of award-winning international photojournalist Bradley Secker.


Written by: Douglas Rintoul

Directed by: John Kachoyan

Composed by: Russell Goldsmith

Designed by: Rob Sowinski and Bryn Cullen

Performed by: Gareth Reeves

Produced by: John Kachoyan and Lyall Brooks